The Relationship Between Philosophy and Science

The Relationship Between Philosophy and Science

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I have only started studying and reading philosophy and so far this is what I think and have learnt. I have learnt that the word philosophy derives from the Greeks meaning for “love of wisdom”. It consists of two elements [sophos meaning love] & [philos meaning wisdom]. Philosophy deals with logic (e.g. reasons why), Ethics (e.g. behaviour, morals, what good/bad), and physic (e.g. science, nature, universe). Philosophy in my opinion is asking questions like: how we should act, what exists, how we know what we know and how we should reason, the meaning of words, the meaning of life, what death is, what is justice etc. It is then based on argumentative discussions in which you try out ideas and think of possible arguments against them and then you wonder how your ideas really work. This is what makes it differ from any other professional fields is that it is based on arguments there are no explanations and we take away from what is the meaning for us. In philosophy so far I have learnt that it is philosophers seeking answers to questions that don’t have straight forward practical answers to however it is the questions that are more important that the answers in philosophy. A Philosopher creates knowledge by mere thinking.

We all philosophize at some stage in our life we all wonder about the world, what we believe in, where we came from, why we speak the language we do etc. Philosophizing at some stage in our life is how we come to know where we stand in the world and we begin to see our own beliefs and help us decide what we want to do with our lives. Philosophy is much broader of a subject than science so it is much harder to define it into one meaning. Not every Philosopher agrees with each other and hence the argumentative discussions etc.

My thoughts on science or what I have learnt about science is that science is the Latin word for knowledge. Science is different from philosophy as it relies on experiments, research, observations etc as opposed...

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