The Republic Questions

The Republic Questions

James Mathison

The Republic Questions 3

1: Plato’s idea of Justice in the state is that there are four qualities that the state should be founded on wisdom, courage, discipline and justice. All of these things would lead to justice in the society. He thinks that the wisdom comes from the rulers to the people they rule. The reason they would have wisdom is because they are gold’s and would have tons of knowledge which would lead to wisdom. The Auxiliaries are the ones that would have the courage of the group. They have the courage to help others and help better the society. The discipline would come from all three of classes. They are ok with where there are in society and do not try to overthrow where they are. The idea I like the most from Plato is the idea that people should “minding one’s own business and that one man is for the job”.

2. Plato thinks there is a fundamental and large difference between justice for society then an individual. There a three part of a humans soul according to Plato. The first part of the soul is the reasoning and the side that calculates things. The next part is the side that is desire or appetite with no thought involved. The next and last one is things that can not be calculated like passion and many other things. So this shows that people are different then a society because societies do not have souls or anything remotely like that.

3. The role of women in Plato’s is very different then another peoples ideas of the time. He believed that it people are the same as men when it comes to occupation it does not matter what the sex is of someone. Most people back then did not feel the same as he did.
Plato thinks that there is not a job for women and men. The reason there is not differences is because according to Plato one begets the other bears that is the only thing that set’s the sexes apart.

4. Plato believes that families should be abolished. The reason this is necessary is for men and...

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