The Responsibility Project

The Responsibility Project

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The Responsibility Project
October 28, 2013

The Responsibility Project
This short story is about two individuals Michael Portman and Jayson Rapaport. They grew up together in a small-town in Texas. They have been friends since nursery school as both of them attended the same school.

After experiencing working in large companies they decided this was not what they see themselves doing for the rest of “their life”. Michael had no desire to grow within this company. Jayson was working for an organization with 50,000 employees and was feeling overwhelmed with the politics that is involved with a large company.

They both return to Texas with a plan to create a small barbershop business. One main point that they were trying to accomplish is to give their customers a good experience as they both provide the Community with a barbershop with old-fashioned values.  They both do not have the desire to grow rapidly within the business. Developing one barbershop per year with a franchise is plenty of growth for the two owners.

Why are the issues in the film important?

The issues of the Birds Barbershop are important to the success of the company. A small business is harder to build trust with the community but is important to their success. They can do this by addressing issues in a timely manor so the community can see that the owners take pride in their business and give them the upper hand in operating the company efficiently. In doing this The Company is working toward providing affordable and reasonable service to the community. If there are issues that have not been resolved it may increase the company's cost therefore will raise the cost to provide outstanding service.

Michael and Jayson understand how people in small communities treasure the value of quality and service with businesses that care about their customers. The more issues that have not been resolve or unnoticed may affect their business values to...

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