The River

The River


I am fragile. I am not understood. I am common. But I am. Therefore I have consigned myself to the whims of a volatile and temperamental society. I float in a river whose current whispers the slogans of my ambitious education … be all that you can be… you can do anything…never give up. I am rushing ever onward to a vague future but my thoughts have become stagnant, blocked with the manipulative offerings of a scorpion culture that threatens my dreams should I fall to its deception. It is hard to discern opportunity from fraud in the intricate flow of truth and lies. The river hisses of promises and proposals and forms the portrait of what I imagine I desire to be satisfied with life. I am drowning in my quest to be everything.

Clarification comes to me as I sink and struggle. I realize that my life is borrowed but it is my own. Success is not on a corporate ladder; happiness is not in a marriage. Success and happiness are in their definitions and I am supreme in their delineation. My insecurities are the only things capable of limiting my level of contentment. The sole path to success and happiness is in acceptance. I must accept than I can achieve my own nirvana and I have no obligation to humanity. It is to myself. I will not share my purity of mind because I cannot. The discovery is up to each individual.

My mind burns with redemption as my lungs burn for relief. I become conscious of the fact that I had never begun to swim. I begin to fight the water. It is vicious because I know its secrets. I know the truth. I am dying at the same moment that I have begun to live. My dreams are fluid with delusions but I know them. They are me. I am happiness. I am success. I am love. I am joy.

I surge to the surface and scream. I am. I am. I am. I will not be denied!

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