The Role of Different Actors in Shaping the Transformation of 21st Century Authoritarian Regimes

The Role of Different Actors in Shaping the Transformation of 21st Century Authoritarian Regimes

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The role of different actors in shaping the transformation of 21st century authoritarian regimes

“Democracy is a charming form of government, full of variety and disorder, and dispensing a sort of equality to equals and unequal alike.”


Newspapers nowadays are full of news about protests, movements and conflicts in societies around the world and of people wanting to assert their rights and dissent against authoritarianism. The last decade has seen an unprecedented upheaval in the movements against authoritarian regimes around the world. The Tea Party, Movements in the Arab world, Occupy Wall Street movement, India against corruption movement in India amongst others are manifestations of people around the world finding avenues to assert themselves over regimes and governments appearing to be biased, corrupt or authoritarian. Since the Second World War there have been concerted efforts by the international community and countries around the world to create a more democratic world order to establish an equitable system of governance and to prevent instances of unilateral assertion of power. The fall of the Soviet Union and the subsequent end of the Cold War could be seen as a watershed moment leading to the fall of a number of authoritarian regimes around the world. The role of comity of nations established after the Second World War is increasingly relevant today than ever before.

Human rights, prevention of genocide, protection of environment, eradication of poverty, child rights, empowerment of women etc. have become global concepts forcing nation states to be accountable to the world for their performance and position on these core values. Free information and easier access to facts has also helped these core values of humanity manifest themselves in ever stronger forms. This could be a sign of inevitable process of maturing of world politics. The subjugation based on false and malafide premises which started in form of...

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