The Role of Nris in India

The Role of Nris in India

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The role of NRIs in India's growth :
I would like to bring up the subject of non-resident Indian (NRI) contribution to the peace and prosperity of India and Indians around the world.

There are over 25 millions NRIs in the world population. This is a significant population, that is talented, resourceful, and quite sensitive towards the development of India. During the period of last six months, India has gone through a cycle of violence, communal problems and political uncertainty.

I understand that NRIs are busy in making their career and life meaningful, but there comes a time when they ought to dedicate some time in developing strategies for the well being of India. The following are my views and I hope to have your views in furthering the quality of life of Indians in India and Indians abroad:

The voice of NRIs in Indian political system is absent.

The NRIs have contributed greatly in improving the quality of life of people in India. Particularly, the doctors, engineers, educators, have contributed significantly by opening up hospitals, educational institutions and setting up businesses. In return, the NRIs are not adequately recognised by the government of India.

The NRI representation in the functioning of government of India needs to be taken up as a high priority issue.

The NRIs need to think of launching an NRI party to politically contribute to the welfare of India, instead of staying inactive. The governance by NRIs should make a difference in the Indian political system.

The NRIs need to take a leadership role in identifying the long-term and short-term projects uniting people and enhancing the economy.

Can NRIs make a difference in India politically, socially, economically, and spiritually? How many NRIs are needed to make a difference? Can the richest of the rich financially support an NRI party to make a difference?

Finally, I propose to have a Website called NRI News and Views, a bimonthly newsletter to exchange ideas...

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