The small penguin family oil also can DIY oil press equipment

The small penguin family oil also can DIY oil press equipment

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The small penguin family oil also can DIY oil press equipment:

In this era of eat what afraid of what, talk about "feed" color changing, shops selling all kinds of processed foods haunt the diners.Nowadays, a lot of people who take care of health together together a homemade hot food, homemade food DIY artifact is widely popular.
Recently netizens drying out dozens of DIY cooking oil artifact, these artifacts are from different manufacturers in the production of various brands of small palm oil refinery plant ( equipment, but fresh strength after the found problems with whether each family is just to solve a problem without oil press equipment manufacturing problems?The answer is no, a lot of people in blind for small oil mill equipment and found the quality is not stable, in use process to give life a lot of trouble.

So some netizens suggested that if you really want to DIY cooking oil, so be sure to select optimal quality brand of small oil mill equipment, do not buy blindly, from online talent said because of the many small oil mill equipment price is low, consumer also won't repair again, even with the bad you lost, but with bad relatively low prices caused by the waste, instead more heavier is the serious influence to the mood of users.
Some BBS someone Posting "small oil mill equipment you bought?"Cause attention, some netizens said, these are the days of cooking oil, poisonous oil, oil expired allows, emerge in endlessly, edible oil market chaos exhausted ordinary consumers.For the sake of safety, recommend everyone to buy a small home oil screw press ( equipment, family own DIY oil, safe and reliable.
Around this post, netizens have comments, among them there are someone said, your home to eat now is DIY blending, can put all kinds of nuts such as peanuts, sesame, sunflower seed kernel oil, and health and good taste, is still in normal use, and show is a "penguin" brand oil...

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