The Source of Swagga

The Source of Swagga

ENG 2D1: Unit 1

B) Unit Work

1. According to Antonio, the world is but a stage and every person must play a part, with his being a sad one. These lines tell us that Antonio is deeply distressed and he claims he feels this way simply because he is meant to. Antonio is not actually sad about anything but he pretends to be in order to keep secret the true reason for his worries, Bassanio losing all the money he loaned from him. He does not reveal this to Lorenzo and Gratiano because it might slur Bassanio’s reputation and embarrass him. This shows that Antonio is a good friend since it is apparent that he harbors no ill will to Bassanio even though he can’t repay his debt.

2. Antonio and Bassanio are true friends. They have complete trust in one another are willing to go above and beyond what is necessary to help each other fulfill their goals. As I mentioned in the previous question, Antonio does not hold any contempt for Bassanio even though he can’t pay back the money he owes him. When Bassanio asks for even more money so he can finance his crazy plan, Antonio simply replies, “My purse, my person, my extremest means, Lie all unlock’d to your occasion”. This means that Antonio is ready to help Bassanio in any way he can whenever he needs it. When they go to borrow money from Shylock, Antonio even goes so far as to agree forfeit a pound of his own flesh if Bassanio cannot pay Shylock back. Bassanio is taken aback by this and states “You shall not seal such a bond for me; I’ll rather dwell in my necessity”. Meaning that he would rather stay poor than let his friend get hurt.

|Portia’s Image of Bassanio |The Real Bassanio |
|A Scholar and A Soldier (the perfect man) |Irresponsible |
|Worthy of people’s praise |Plans to only marry Portia for her wealth....

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