Internet Sources

Internet Sources

In this paper we will be examining the reliability of different types of sources to ensure they are valid. In the world we live in the internet plays a large part of where we get our information. As a researcher of information you must use your knowledge of bias, validity, and applicability. I will be analyzing one blog, one video, and one podcast. In the first assessment we will look at the video from action news. The video took place in lower Merion Pennsylvania on July 17, 2012. Here “A group of teenagers on the Main Line has found a way to make more of their peers aware of Pennsylvania's Good Samaritan law (ABC 2012)”. The teenagers produced the video on underage drinking initially on you tube but the video ended up serving as a public service announcement to get the word out among people about the Good Samaritan Law. This piece was mainly to inform and warn teens and their parents about underage drinking. The information seems to be very valid and properly biased. "Kids speaking to kids on the same level is really what becomes very powerful about this” piece.

The Podcast o listened to was very interesting very easy to take in. This was a very valid source to use, which had facts such as “Forty-five hundred teenagers die each year in the United States from excessive alcohol consumption. There is a correlation between the amount of exposure to alcohol advertising and underage drinking”.  There is small bias statements that are used to make parents get serious about their teens such as “Parents should assume their teens are exposed to alcohol ads, both print and television, and should make it a point to remind them about the dangers of drinking”.

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In the blog it was very different from the other two sources. The blog was more opinion based and used more personal experiences. The blog provides a public service announcements “the last scene in the PSA asks viewers to learn more

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