The Story of Gilgamesh

The Story of Gilgamesh

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The story of Gilgamesh, is about a young being that is two-thirds god and one-third human. Many people in this story don’t seem to like Gilgamesh, which is actually how he meets his best friend in this story. Enkidu, who was created by the god Anu, was made to be a counterpart to Gilgamesh and to possibly defeat him. When Enkidu met Gilgamesh it did not take them long to become good friends though. They devised a plan to go up to the mountain where the keeper of the trees lived, Humbaba, and to kill him. When they went up there, Gilgamesh seemed to learn a lot depending on another person, and also that he did seem to possess fear. After this journey a woman, Princess Ishtar discovered Gilgamesh’s beauty and wanted to marry him, but due to this woman’s previous wrong doing Gilgamesh declined. The princess didn’t take this well and pleaded to the gods to let her use the bull of the gods to kill Gilgamesh. The gods agreed, although the bull was no match for Gilgamesh and Enkidu, for they killed it with ease. After this battle though, Enkidu began to have bad dreams about death, and he grew very sick and eventually died. Enkidu’s death seemed to frighten and upset Gilgamesh very much, and after mourning his death he went on a journey to find eternal life. He went to find his ancestor, Utanapishtim, who was once a normal man but then became a god. Gilgamesh had a very difficult journey to find him, and upon finding him, he discovered that there was no way to receive eternal life, and also seemed to discover that he didn’t really need it at all.

“Gilgamesh do not put your trust in your vast strengths, but keep a close eye out, let each blow strike its mark. The one who goes on ahead saves his comrade, let the one who know the route protect is friend” I feel like this is basically one of the major lines in the story because it shows how Gilgamesh, a cocky and arrogant guy must learn how to find trust in his friends and to actually let someone else lead...

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