The Strategies

The Strategies

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Susan Roman Homework Assignment 2-26-09

“A good man is hard to find”

P 122

1) Ans. The grandmother didn't want to go to Florida. She wanted to visit people in east Tennessee.

2) Because she thought it would lead to the plantation.

3) Pitty Sing (cat) caused the accident.

4) The crime was Murder

5) Because what he had done wrong, does not fit the punishment he received. (The crime did not fit the punishment)

The Strategies

1) Because the grandmother will have to face her own death up front with Misfit and wanted the reader to know about Misfit from the beginning.

2) There was so much hurt, violence and pain, I am not sure if there was anything accomplished, except to face your fears and fight your battles. It was very disturbing.

3) The Big Black Battered Hearse like Automobile,” O’Conner is making it know that this ride is going to lead to death.
4) At the end the grandmother realizes her responsibility for every human, including the Misfit. She reaches out to him and says; he is one of her children…then Misfit kills her
5) It tells about a family’s car which goes into a ditch. In the ditch there are woods ' tall, dark and deep. It’s a symbol of their horrible death. “The lines of woods gaped like a dark open mouth, means the mouth of the woods, dark and dangerous. “Open Mouth” - The grandmother’s words are used to save herself and not her family.

Susan Roman Page 2 - “A god man is Hard to Find. 2-26-09


1)In order for a person to commit murder and violent acts there needs to be a build up of anger, to the point that that person may hear voices. These voices are not the voice of God, but I believe the voice of the devil.

2) Sometimes I believe in the death Penalty and sometimes I don’t. In this case I believe Death should be the punishment. But I am not the I would have prefer
not to answer this question.

3) Children are a product to which they have grown up with. I don’t...

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