The stressed Sales executive

The stressed Sales executive

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HRMT11011 Human Resources in Organisations
Assessment: Business Report – The Stressed Sales Executive


Handling harassment claims in the workplace
The Brisbane office of Widget International has experienced an alleged sexual harassment incident. There was no formal report filed by the employees involved. One of the employees has been stood down as their behavior had become disruptive and was affecting morale. The company has a duty of care to all employees and hence an analysis of current information has been done in order to investigate the incident in accordance with legal requirements. Possible scenarios have been used in order to determine outcomes, due to lack of current evidence.
Based on current information it cannot be clearly determined who the victim is in this case. The scenarios have made recommendations for possible outcomes possible. Both parties need to be interviewed in order to determine an outcome that meets not only legislative requirements but also the companies’ morale obligations to staff. The best outcome will have the staff members attending mediation, worst-case one or both staff members will have to be dismissed or leave on their own accord.
There needs to be a review carried out of the current harassment policy with the assistance of staff members to ensure a good understanding of the policy by staff and thus achieve compliance through ownership. Managers need to have six monthly training on how to handle these situations better. By using external trainers and case studies that relate to real incidents, managers will become more aware and alert. Managers will be able to train all other staff.
By using a pro-active approach the company will be able to ensure that by educating all staff to report incidents it can minimize future occurrences. Proper training of mangers will ensure all incidents are taken seriously and followed up appropriately.


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