The Test

The Test

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Joshua Kerley

Proffesor Izzo

English 101

10 AUG 2007

The Test

The water shimmers in the ray of the over head lights. There is a cool breeze flowing through the huge gymnasium, but with taking a shower right before felt like I was in the middle of Antarctica. I walk down to the edge of my worst enemy. I stop and I look down as millions of different feelings come up fear, anger, discomfort, but all of them didn’t really help the situation. The fact of the matter is I had to get into that big deep abyss. I had avoided it ever since I was a child and now I had no choice but to. Felt as if I was stuck in outer limits where I had to face all my fears. I pause for a second and just try to keep my breathing in the norm. The all of a sudden I hear “Group numbers 5 go!” I taken in a breath so big I looked like a chip monk that got into a fight with a nut and then “SHOOOOM” I leap into the great abyss. Feeling as if I had been surrounded by jelly with it seeping into every crack in my body. I begin to move my arms and legs in the manner I was instructed but it just felt wrong to me for some reason. Then idea pops into my head “What if this doesn’t work?” and that springs fourth even more ideas.

All of a sudden I begin to move faster and faster. I pump my arms and legs but that just seems to make me sink even faster. “Whap!” a hand appeared on my arm. I feel a short live sigh of relief. But then I feel it tugging me down as if I had gained another hundred pounds. This creates even more panic I swish my arms back and clawing my way back up. But as my lungs begin to get even emptier and my body requiring so much oxygen I open my mouth and in comes the downpour. I begin to choke and gag and I look toward the surface I just keep descending. Then like an angel from heaven I see a man with goggles and what seem to be fish feet. He pulls us both out of the shimmering abyss so fast it seemed he was born from the ocean its self. I roll over spitting out the...

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