The Tragedy of a Character's Ignorance

The Tragedy of a Character's Ignorance

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A view from The Bridge by Arthur Miller is a play that conveys the tragedy of a character's ignorance which leads to his downfall. Alfieri is the choric figure in this play; he's a symbolic bridge connecting the American law and Italian immigrants' law. Miller presents him as a well educated lawyer who is loyal to his Italian customs. He narrates the play and inspires veracity, by his un-biased relating of events. He clarifies the moral and social implications through the play. Alfieri is an important figure to the play as he explains the nature of the characters and is Eddie Carbone's confidant. Alfieri is important to the continuity of the play and its structure, just as the play is set in two parts not acts, to emphasize on the flow and continuity of the play, so does Alfieri he connects relates and adds a sense of continuity to the actions of the characters.

Alfieri opens the play with a significant speech that establishes his role as narrator and symbolic bridge to the two communities, the Italian-immigrant Red Hook and American Manhattan. He introduces himself and the scene of the play, the morality of Red Hook and their skepticisms "I often think behind that suspicious little nod of their lie three thousand years of distrust…justice is very important here." Alfieri explains the nature of justice in Red Hook, people rely on their own measurements of justice and punishments and do not conform the laws, they establish their own regulations and moral ethics, when he sais " lie three thousand years of distrust" Alfieri gives a sense of continuity of repetition that Miller incorporates in the play, how this tragedy is recurring, it keep on persisting through time.

Alfieri has a choric function, he narrates just as the chorus did in Greek mythology, and voices the moral implications and hidden messages from the characters. Alfieri is an important part of the play, his position in the scenes, he narrates at every change of scene to establish order and...

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