The War of 1812

The War of 1812

aunt diana this is the q&a for the kids so if you dont mind revising this for me and giving it to the teachers becuase i know i caint spell worth a crap and my microsoft word on my comp is messed up
so i dont have a spell check thank you i love you very much and we have some of the letters hanging up in our lil house and i have the buckies shirt hanging over my rack lol but once again thank you

Q:what is the weather like hot or cold?
A:the weather is cold right now we are expecting snow in the next couple of months.

Q:what kind of food do we eat here?
A:most of the time we eat meals out of bags that are desinged to last up to 5 years befor they go bad and sometimes we get to eat at the chow hall and the
food in there is just like the food that the kids eat at school.

Q:do we ever get scared?
A:yes but its more like the kind of scared you get when you dont know what is goin to happen but it quickly goes away becuase we are very well trained to
learn how to deal with it and do our job right so we can come home to our familys.

Q:how late do we stay up?
A:well we dont really have a bed time we just get sleep whenever we have a chance becuase how much sleep we get depends on what all we have to do that day
sometimes we have to go days without sleep or on less than an hour of sleep.

Q:when do we get up?
A:we get up all times of day and night it just depends on what we have to do and what time our bosses want it done.

Q:is there anything yall can send us?
A:well we get a lot of diffrent stuff from our familys and the marine corps gives us alot to but one thing we love to get is letts like yall sent us this past
time becuase we can never get to many letters from young men and wemam back home it really makes us feel good so if yall want to send us something just send us
letters and if you dont know how to send them just give them to your teachers and she will know how to get the letters to us and everytime yall send us mail...

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