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2009 May
(a) Explain the principles and stages of brainstorming, from the identification of a potential problem to
the identification of a single “best” solution.
Definition of brainstorming
1/ the way to come up with an expected excellent solution
2/ by gathering creative ideas of all the members of the group as possible
3/ the ideas raised focus for a specific topic
4/ after evaluating all the ideas on the practical factors, such as cost, market situation, one feasible idea produce
The stages of brainstorming
1/ dealing with difficult problems that arise during the course of the project
2/ identifying all potential risks on a project
3/ use it when a solution to a problem cannot be logically deduced
4/ use it when new ideas are required
5/ when you want to generate a large number of ideas

(b) Brainstorming is not universally applicable as a method for generating and selecting problem solutions. Give a specific example of a “problem” which is NOT suitable for brainstorming and discuss why.
Some cases will not be applied in group brainstorming, such as
A car broken down, we can be solved by reading the manual or send to garage or buy a new one Team member are working independently rather than cooperatively
Someone is uncooperative
One person is trying to solve a problem for a group

(c) Give an example of another method of group creativity (apart from brainstorming) and briefly outline how it works and when it is practical to use
- The Delphi technique was designed to bring a group of experts to consensus. The thought process is that a group of experts reaching a conclusion is better than anyone expert’s conclusion.
- Some benefits to using the Delphi technique are that it allows you to get information from a wide group of people that are geographically disbursed, and you can do it easily by using an automated survey tool.

Here are the steps for the Delphi technique:
1/ a group of stakeholders or experts are...

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