Thesis statements

Thesis statements

Thesis statement #1: Playing violent video games can increase delinquent behavior in adolescents. If we remove the violent entertainment from their lives, the violent behaviors in schools would decrease.
Response #1: I disagree with the statement because actual studies have shown that the crime percentage has decreased over the years even though more violence is appearing now in the media.

Thesis statement #2: Americans who love to have guns are crazy. Having a gun in your house increases the chances of a murder with a firearm happening and white people still have them laying around their house.
Response #2: I disagree with the statement because Americans use the guns for protection, not just murder. Having a gun doesn’t necessarily mean there is something wrong with you.

Thesis statement #3: The United States has made it so easy to have access to a firearm. If we change the laws about he access to firearms, the crime rate with firearm weapons would decrease in America.
Response #3: I agree with the statement because it doesn’t take much to be able to buy a gun. It takes a couple permits and classes to be able to purchase a fully legal firearm.

Thesis statement #4: Lockheed Martin advocates violence with firearms in teenagers because they are doing the same exact thing, building dangerous weapons to kill other innocent people.
Response #4: I disagree with the statement because the weapons are used for America’s protection WHEN needed and under authorization of the President and it is not related to the violence in adolescents.

Thesis statement #5: Charlton Heston promotes the ownership and use of Guns, which are being used for the murders and massacres of America. This is why our crime rate with firearms is so high.
Response #5: I disagree with the statement because Charles Heston isn’t promoting violence in any such way. He is influencing gun rights activists and using his Second Amendment rights.

Thesis statement #6: Western countries...

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