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i would like to share something to the person who are interested in.
i think i will use this platform to share my feelings.
thanks for the website providing this chance to me .
If you're seeking to reshape your life, reflect on the answers to these four questions to increase your awareness, expand your mindset, and change your outlook:

What thoughts do you keep thinking?

If fear is the first element that's sparked in your brain, you will act on that fear and hesitate, unable to make sound, firm decisions. Visualize a different circumstance or scenario, one that's more in your favor.

To whom are you listening?

Your best guidance will radiate from within. When in doubt, introspect: Are my choices satisfactory to me or to someone else? What do I honestly want to do?

What is your first reaction?

Have faith that regardless of what has happened, you will come out of it better than before. This allows you to reach a resolution to whatever problem may be at hand.

How do you regard others?

The more that you continue being a good, genuine person, the more you will be able to forgive those who have wronged you and find the right sort of company.
Hi, everybody. This Sunday is Father’s Day, and so I wanted to take a moment to talk about the most important job many of us will ever have and that’s being a dad.

Today we’re blessed to live in a world where technology allows us to connect instantly with just about anyone on the planet. But no matter how advanced we get, there will never be a substitute for the love and support and, most importantly, the presence of a parent in a child’s life. And in many ways, that’s uniquely true for fathers.

I never really knew my own father. I was raised by a single mom and two wonderful grandparents who made incredible sacrifices for me. And there are single parents all across the country who do a heroic job raising terrific kids. But I still wish I had a dad who was not only around, but involved; another...

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