Thinking Critically About Ethics

Thinking Critically About Ethics

Thinking Critically about Ethics

Carl was in violation of the following model rules at various times throughout the day. He appears to be in violation of Model rules 1.8, 1.5 as well as the Ethical Considerations that apply being EC- 1.5 (a), EC- 1.7(a), EC 1.6(a)

Carl didn’t do much better on Tuesday when he managed to violate Model Rules 1.8, 1.5 and the accompanying Ethical Considerations EC-1.5 (e), EC-1.6 (a)

Carl appears to have disregard ABA Model rules 1.8, 7.1, 7.3 and EC-1.8 (a)

The ABA Model Rules that were disregarded on this day were 1.5 (c), 1.1 and the Ethical Considerations for these were EC-1.1 (a), EC-1.1 (b), and EC-1.5 (f)

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Carl did not follow ABA Model Rules 1.7 (a), EC-1.7 (a). In addition to the model rules that were broken the attorney that was supervising Carl was commingling funds from the client trust account to pay Carl his paycheck

2. I have reviewed all of the comments I had made pertaining to the 5 days that Carl had spent at the law office and I believe that one of the most serious events that had taken place was when carl had asked for his paycheck on Friday and Attorney Howe did not have the cash resources on hand to pay him the paycheck so he took the money out of the client trust account which is also referred to as commingling which is not only unethical but is also a criminal offense.

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