To Put Off Tomorrow

To Put Off Tomorrow

To Put off till Tomorrow

In company, someday persons tend to become slow promotion making other workers hard to work, and some of them may lose their position because of habit of putting off work. No matter what company they are in, someday persons are likely to cause problems. For example, they rarely finish working done on time. If they complete a work in company, they usually submit it close to due time so it is not likely to be perfect not as good as the others done due to the habit. Also, they could pass their duty to the other, and it can make to interrupt co-workers. Besides, it would seem that someday persons might come to office late, and their reputation can be damaged by the habit. So, they have got some problems in working area, and it can make them to become far away the promotion. It will bring a big loss to someday person as well as company, also it is a serious problem. To solve these problems, I think that they should change attitude to work with love, and make a plan with their goal relate to work breaking the habits and executing with step by step to get work done well.

One way to solve the problem is procrastinators should become to change a mind to let work love, and then action towards career they love starts with a small step. In order to achieve this, procrastinators keep changing of the thinking work to love, since this is one of easy ways to access to work better because people are likely to work easily what they love without resistance. Every time, also, procrastinators make a note what works should be done by today, organize the note, and seek out for the most challenging and important work. Then, they should practice the most significant work starting with a small step. Starting with a small step is important to develop the work better. If Procrastinators know that it is helpful to do in working, they will surely be willing to change and behave to love the attitude.

Another way to solve the problem is to have a plan...

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