The Day After Tomorrow

The Day After Tomorrow

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The Day after Tomorrow

“The Day after Tomorrow” this means the coming up future days. We don’t know what are going to happen on the next day. On the next day, the rich might get into some financial scenario and muffles, the poor in charge of the rich master property. Every thing got the probabilities to happen in a sudden or without expected. Everyone must appreciate what they having now. However, “The Day After Tomorrow” here was about the global warning. In addition, our earth had lightened a red light. Earth had warned the people in between this few years. Flood, Earthquakes, Tsunami, climate change and landslide came as a warning given by earth. There was a movie which was described about the day in the future our earth and really destroyed by ourselves. Flood chasing the human and destroy everything on earth. Should we concern about the global warning?

The atmospheric was getting thinner and thinner. The atmospheric layer act as a protect layer of the earth. It reflects 70% heats and radiation from sunlight enter the earth and diffuse out the heat inside the earth out of there to elaborate the temperature. It can be call as a cooler too. Humans was the most intelligent and advanced species in the universe. Man created science technology to make everything easier and in an efficiency rate. Nowadays, the common household appliances were in every house. For example, microwaves, air-conditionals, fridge, vehicles, and production machines. The advanced in technology made our life easier but the more high technology products we used the more damaged we did to ourselves and earth. Human’s wealthy increases, earth’s healthy decreases. This called equilibrium.

In 26.12.04, Tsunami hit Malaysia. Tsunami that hit Malaysia was due to the 9.0 scale Richter earthquake that occurred in the west of Northern Sumatra, Indonesia. The main states affected in Malaysia...

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