Too Much Math Can Kill You

Too Much Math Can Kill You

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Perine M. Francisco IV – Galileo

Too Much Math Can Kill You
(Speech to Entertain)

"Mathematics is not complicated. The person makes it complicated." My Math teacher told me about that quote when I was on the 5th grade. Because I can't show the solution to the problem about fraction and I almost cried in front of my teacher and classmates. That is very embarrassing. Can I ask something? Okay I'm already asking. In Math, why do we need to measure the piece of cake to be sliced? Why can we just eat the cake?! We will die because of starving before we eat the cake. THAT IS RATED OVER ACTING. Now, let's go to the mainstream, findinh the "x." The first time I encountered this kind of stuff, the instruction says that "x" is needed to be found, what did I do? I encircled all the "x" variables I found. See how stupid I am? Then I think, what the 'f' am I doing?

Why is it hard for me to understand Mathematics? I do love Mathematics but it doesn't love me. It hurts you know. Written on the board, (x+1) (x-2) = x2-x-2. For example, I paid the driver for my fair in a jeepney, just imagine I have a change x2-x-2. Kind of weird and complicated, right? Sometimes, I'm asking myself, "Do I really need to understand this kind of mind-bursting subject?"

During the exam...Every time I see the instructions "Write your complete solutions." my tears began to fall. I have a joke actually it’s kind of corny but please pretend it’s funny. Knock knock! Who's there? MATA NG MGA ESTUDYANTE PAG EXAM. Who? Ikot-ikot lang ikot-ikot ikot lang ..ikot-ikot ikoooot. Okay where am I? We had our periodical examination in Geometry and my seat is beside the window. Because the exam is difficult, of course Mathematics?forever will not be easy for me, sitting beside the window I just look outside forget that we are taking our exam, feel the cool air, watch the trees dancing and singing "What a wonderful world.." Suddenly, I heard my stomach, begging for...

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