I Want You Too Know

I Want You Too Know

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I can’t say why, I can’t say how,
All I knows is how I feel.
It don’t seam right, not even a little
I feel so lonely, in a world full of people.
I smile to hind the pain and
I laugh to hind the tears.

People think I’m so strong, im not,
not even a little.
I try so hard to not let people in,
I can’t be hurt again. I try to get over it
I try to be strong but it’s hard when,
all your life people are tell you to be
Strong when all you want to do is cry.

It’s hard to be happy when you forget what its like
I don’t know the last time I felled alive.
When I laughed when something was funny and
just not trying to hind my tears.

I try not to cry, I try to be happy
I try to me the person I was be for I meet you.
So it seams like it all comes down to you!
You broke my heart,
when you left.
So thanks a lot.

Not only you broke my heart,
you broke my life.
I just want to know one thing
before I go and not look back again.
Was it worth it,
Was she worth this?

I hope she was,
because im not coming back
i might want to but im not
I Hope you had fun because
soon knows going to want to know you.

Wait tell i say what you did,
people are going to hate you,.
i hope they do.
Bcause what you didnt wasnt right,
Not every alitte.

I know ill be ok, i just need time.
one day, will think back about you
and be like, yeah i loved him but things change.
one day i wont care about you, one day i can laught about this.

Today is the day i'm over you,
i found some one that loves me
for want i am not becuase what i look like.
SO i hope your happy, Because im happy,

Life dont go the way you thought, right,
you anit happy but im happer then i ever been
so, Have a good life,

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