Training and Mentoring Program 5

Training and Mentoring Program 5

Training and Mentoring Program

Brittani Gunnells

University of Phoenix

This is the new training and development program for the new merger between the EnviroTech and InterClean. This training program will provide administers with the information they need to help the employees understand what will be expected of them.
The objectives of this training program include making sure sales representatives are provided with adequate sales techniques that work for them. It is also important that they have as many options as possible so that they may make the decision themselves as to which methodology works best for them. It is important that they understand what works best so that they may reach the sales quotas for the month.
It is important for the employees to meet performance standards and these standards will be measured at the end of the month by the number of sales they made versus the number of calls and new leads they made. This will show us how well they are performing and if the methods that they have chosen actually work for them, or if we should reevaluate the choice they made to see if another choice would work better.
The content for the training will last for a period of 5 weeks with subsequent training every quarter. The training will also include procedures and protocol for the company's expectation of employees. How to conduct themselves and maintain the image of the company at all times. Who to report to in all cases: for questions, to report incidents, and any other reports they may want to make. The training will introduce new ideas and get feedback from the employees to see which techniques work best and which techniques do not work at all. It will include modules that allow the sales team to apply different techniques of hard and soft selling. Training for software and computers will be incorporated within these weeks of training. There will also be an emphasis on customer service as this is a very important aspect of the new...

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