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Running head: LEADING CHANGE

Leading Change
Mike Nantel
University of Phoenix

Leading Change
Good Sport is a smaller fitness equipment manufacturer which was founded by the former NBA basketball star Jason Poole and is based out of Coral Springs, Florida. Jason is still involved with the company, but he is involved as the Chairman of the Board. Jason has turned the Chief Executive Officer’s responsibilities over to Marvin Wallace, whom has been the CEO for the last four years.
During Marvin’s tenure, he has concentrated resources and his vision on improving sales, production and research and development while pushing to sell the companies product in Florida hospitals. The recent positive results have encouraged Good Sport to expand into neighboring states such as Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina, and expand it’s product offering to hotels, residential homes and health clubs.
Good Sport maintains a fairly typical functional organizational structure formed in four divisions, Production, Research and Development (R&D), Sales, and Finance and the report up through a hierarchy design. Each division consists of teams, the team managers, the senior manager of a team, the vice president of a team and finally, each team’s vice president reports to the chief executive officer (CEO).
Good Sport, being a smaller company, directly lends itself to being having a less formal culture, however, each division appears to have a culture which is not identical to the cultures of the other divisions. The varying cultures are driven through the vice president level and the personalities which occupy each of these vice presidents positions. As an example, the sales department is lead by Samuel Olsen, and the team and culture which has been put together under him in based as an informal structure and design. This approach makes sense for a sales group because the informal process while selling to customers is an...

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