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Perception and Decision Making

What is Perception?

This situation is on how we try to interpret information that surrounds us all. There are several characters that let us understand that there are some negative effects on behavior about not only ourselves, but also others. These are not based true situations of reality, but we also look at the perceptions as being real.
There are several factors that lead us into perception of others. Some of the perceptions we often look at are, first impressions, blaming the victim, and stereotypes. Exaggeration belief is also in the category of perceptions and stereotype. The characteristics of stereotype do include rigid ideas, being associated with a group or category of people, driven by a motive, and van is either favorable or unfavorable. There is also strategies that do correct the inaccurate perceptions to which would be, acceptance of others, when one takes an active role in listening to a person when that person gives feedback as needed, and when one owns up to his or hers own behavior or feelings. As we know how people perceive other people has an effect organized behavior? This would have a pattern of if I react, you will react then when other perceive us, they act according to the perception and ask why is the person doing things others have done or doing.
Perception will always have a basis of what is expected. When you do research on perception it will have different types of thoughts and this may come as vision and senses that the psychologist look at. Senses are looked at from touch, smell, taste, and also the way the people deal with the world around them. When one gives attention to the area they are working on, with would also be another form of perception.

Mental process is associated with perceptual process. When one perceives a situation to be true and this would only be based on a part of thinking process of a period. Perceptual and mental biases are what they call interchangeable....

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