twelfth night

twelfth night

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The book “Twelfth Night” is written by William Shakespeare. In the book he uses humour. Shakespeare uses 4 types of humour which are: dramatic irony which is when the audience knows something that the character doesn’t, disguise is where someone is being someone else, mistaken identity where someone thinks a character is someone else, and word play/punning where the same sound or word have different meanings.

The first type of humour is dramatic irony. When Orsino says to viola
“For shall yet belie thy happy years
That say thou arta man”
Orsino is unaware that he is talking to a woman instead of a man when he is basically saying for a man you’re not very manly. Whereas viola and the audience know that he is not a she. The also emphasises other aspects of Shakespeare humour which are disguise and mistaken identity because Orsino doesn’t know that viola is a women so this means her identity is mistaken also that she is in disguise .

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