Unfair Treatment Based on Gender

Unfair Treatment Based on Gender

Gender inequality means that there is discrimination in gender. People are treated differently or unfairly because of their gender.

For example, before the independence of Malaysia , usually girls are not allowed by their parents to get education as high as boys. Their parents thought that it is no need for them to get good education and gave the priority for the girls to get married at their young age rather than studying. A lot of girls at that time just have low education or even never going to school at all. Instead, boys were given higher education than girls by their parents in the family. It shows that parents treated their children unfairly between girls and boys in terms of education. As the consequences of this discrimination, most of the women at that time were lack in their knowledge and they were also very difficult to get job for supporting their family. Men were easier to get job than women because they have high education. However, as time goes by, the discrimination to the women in terms of education is decreasing.

In this era of globalization, there are so many women who are knowledgeable. Girls are given education as high as boys and it is just a regular thing that there are so many girls who have graduated from universities with excellent achievements. Women are easier to get job today because of their knowledge, talent, skill, achievements and so on.

However, the discrimination in gender is still exists today. For example, there are parents who still treat their children unfairly due to their gender. There are parents who treat girls better, more nicely and even love them more than boys and vice versa. They should treat all their children nicely and fairly regardless of their gender.

There is also gender inequality in terms of hiring employees by firms or companies. For example, there are companies which prefer to choose and hire men rather than women to be their employees even the women have higher...

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