Use of Cannabis with a Vaporizer

Use of Cannabis with a Vaporizer

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Use of Cannabis With a Vaporizer

Cannabis has many health benefits, and has been used in ailments for thousands of years.
The most important quality of marijuana is that it helps decrease pain and discomfort helping chronic pain patients around the world. Besides that, it has been proven to help with patients suffering from anorexia and nausea related illnesses by increasing appetite, epileptic patients by slowing or stopping seizure episodes, and so on. Recently, Marijuana has been shown to slow Multiple sclerosis considerably.
“Calming the immune system is key to fighting the disease. In multiple sclerosis, or MS, a person’s immune system attacks the central nervous system. Current medications, like corticosteroids, turn off the immune response entirely, leaving an MS sufferer vulnerable to infection.

Both the marijuana plant and the human body produce cannabinoids, which essentially act through specific receptors on immune cells regulating the immune response. Think of the receptors as “traffic cops” that tell the immune system when to turn on and off, so that the body knows when to fight an infection and when to stand down.” (Chiplock 2009)

However, smoking still isn't considered a valid medication due to the ill effects that come with it. The Institute of Medicine concluded in 1999 that Marijuana be dismissed as a medicine until a way to deliver THC without harmful combustibles was manufactured. This technology is called a Vaporizer and products have been perfected.
A Vaporizer is a device used to extract and deliver via inhalation the active ingredients of plant material, commonly cannabis, tobacco, or any other herbs. A Vaporizer works by heating the plant material to a point where it does not com-bust, but boils off into a vapor. This eliminates or significantly reduces harmful carcinogens, tars, and carbon monoxide. With little to no smoke produced, cooler temperatures, and less material required to achieve a given level...

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