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Grace. Frogley 9Q

The attack occurred at 10:30pm, April 22nd, 1993, as Stephen waited with at a bus stop in South-East London. Stephen was asked if he saw the bus. A group of white youths then attacked Lawrence, who was stabbed twice. He attempted to escape, but bled to death after 130 yards.

The attack appears to be racist, because the white youths yelled abusive comments before stabbing Stephen, but we do not know wethere Stephen had any connection with the group before. The attackers may have said the racist comments to irritate Stephen because of a previous action.

Two were charged of murder, appearing in court in June, 1993. But the Crown Prosecution Service discontinued its case, arguing that there was "insufficient evidence.”

The police seem to have handled the case unfarely due to allegations as Detective Sergeant John Davidson paid by drug smuggler Clifford Norris, father of one of the suspects. An official inquiry said that police racism and corruption had helped to shield the killers of teenager, Stephen Lawrence from conviction.

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