Value Chain Analysis

Value Chain Analysis

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This is a report which discusses about Value chain analysis. The report starts with the definition of Value chain given by different authors, followed by my personal view on the topic. Later on Some key concepts have been discussed, such as, what are the competitive advantages a company can obtain by using value chain? How are the companies going to achieve it? What are the primary and supporting value chain activities? Furthermore, three different organisations’ have been taken as examples and discussed in detail, how Value chain analysis has been conducted in those industries. The three industries are Beef Food Sector, Electronic Commerce and Healthcare Industry. Additionally a short critique has been done on Value chain and concluded.

Table of Contents


Executive Summary 2

1. Introduction 4

2. Scholarly Overview on Value Chain Analysis 4

1. My View on Value Chain Analysis 6

2. Primary Activities of Value Chain 7

3. Supporting Activities of Value Chain 8

3. Value Chain and Competitive Advantage 9

4. Contemporary Examples from the Real World 10

a. Value Chain Analysis in Healthcare Industry 10

b. Value Chain Analysis in the UK Beef Food Service Sector 11

c. Value Chain Analysis in Electronic Commerce 13

5. Critique of Value Chain Analysis 14

6. Conclusion 15

7. References 16

8. Appendix 18


a) Value chain analysis is defined in two ways:

1) Within a company they describe various value– added stages from purchasing materials to distributing, selling, and servicing the final product (Porter’s 1985 concept) and

2) They also describe the value-added stages from raw material to end-user as a product is manufactured and distributed, with each stage representing an...

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