Value Statement

Value Statement

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Value Statement:
As your number one provider in electronic publishing North Florida publishing Company (NFPC) pledges to provide you with unmatched customer service and convenient access to all your desired readings from the internet by use of your desired communications device.
Past State of the Publishing Industry -Traditional Books
Publishing is a very competitive profession and most times unpredictable. With a low barrier entry, the industry is viewed as overcrowded. There are approximately 53,000 publishers in the U.S., each trying to gain piece of the market in an $18 billion industry (Stahl). Good publishers should expect to gain only a 10 percent profit after expenses (Stahl).
Publishers traditional draw:
• Commissioning / peer review
• Editing and proofreading
• Design and typesetting
• Printing
• Sales and marketing
• Warehousing and distribution
Source: Deborah Wyatt Senior Editing at Blackwell Publishing

Electronic Publishing Today
Eliminates a number of cost associated with traditional books; Warehousing and Distribution, paper and print to design. Harrison-Keyes will greatly benefit from the cost savings converting from the traditional hardback to E-Publishing. In 2006 the census reported $10,612 million in revenue in internet publishing (Plunkett). Reported consumers were business firms, not-for-profits, households and individual consumers.

Harrison-Keyes Company Facts:
• Founded 1899
• CEO Meg McGill
• Market- Business, Scientific and Technical readers
• Products / Services- Traditional Books and E-Books
Source: Scenario Harrison-Keyes
Project Scope:
Harrison-Keyes will become a premiere e-publishing leader by implementing the e-books initiative. Our project scope shifts from being a traditional books publisher to adding the value of electronic books; in a convenient, private fashion to clients. Readings and downloads will be readily available through various communications devices such computer and cellular phones just...

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