Veronica's Bio

Veronica's Bio

Veronica Ann Young was born in Fort Lauderdale, Florida on October 21, 1972. She grew up in Englewood, Florida. Born to Larry Carl Walcott and Diane Lynn Walcott; her father was a snapper in Vietnam and their mother was self-employed in a cleaning business. Veronica’s father had witnessed horrific death, violence and torture in Vietnam on men, women and children. When he came home from Vietnam he became a totally changed person. He became an alcoholic, a violent man, and a drug abuser and soon would be in and out of prisons most of his adult life. Veronica has three younger sister and times were tough for their family growing up in the 80’s. Diane their mother was a very hard working parent and the only one employed.

Their father ended up in prison in the mid 1980’s. Shortly after, their mother relocated with the girls to a small rural country town called Myakka City, Florida.

Veronica had a lot of hatred in her heart from her upbringing as a child. For many years Veronica blamed her mother for what her and her sister’s had witness throughout the years as a child. She felt her mother could have left him instead she felt she had to stay. Needless to say, she did try to leave on a few occasions but always went back to him. The endless negative mental abuse and physical abuse from their father was. Unfortunately, Veronica left home at an early age and quit school. For about a 4-year period Veronica was heading for disaster. Running with the wrong crowd, fighting, drinking. In her early 20’s she realized her life would never change unless she wanted it to. She wanted so much more out of life then where she was headed. Almost at the same time Veronica ending up meeting a terrific man who showed her how to love and be loved. His name was Timothy Young he was 10 years older then her. He was a man who wanted nice things out of life and worked hard to get them. They dated for about 8 years before marring in 2002.

Veronica decided to go to school...

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