Was the Period 1750-1900 Really a Time of Progress for All

Was the Period 1750-1900 Really a Time of Progress for All

Was The Period 1750-1900 really a Time Of Progress For All

In this essay I am going to be writing about whether Britain in 1750-1900 got better or worse and for the people of Britain. Britain did improve massively, an enormous amount of progress was made, good changes e.g. in work transport and health. Britain was more powerful because you can see that in 1763 the British Empire was quite small, An empire is made up of colonies- land in one county that belongs to another country. By 1900 Britain had changed her its shoes. Britain now owned colonies in Africa, India, Australia and New Zealand as well as Canada. Britain was the biggest empire in the world. As well as that Britain was now a wealthier and much more modern than before.

Evidence that Britain got better:
Population increased x4! There for the death rate went down. One of the man things was the transport, this got so much better and rapidly kept on increasing.

Roads (1700)
The need for better roads
The increase in population, improvements in farming and growth of industry at the time increased road traffic and wore down roads making them soft. Farmers and industrialists needed good roads to move their heavy produce. Some roads at the time were so bad that travellers sometimes paid farmers to ride through their fields rather than get stuck in holes the horse could not go through. The development of new roads and turnpikes brought profit as people now had to pay for using the roads They also brought satisfaction and a smoother ride on most roads. However it wasn't convenient to use the road network to transport heavy or bulky or fragile loads. Instead
much of the heavy goods started to be transported in another newly developed type of transport, the canal system.

The development of better road transport helped manufacturers move
their goods faster and more cheaply which in turn helped them become
more competitive.

Canals (1730)
Need for Canals
Road transport was not suitable for...

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