25 January 2015

Watergate: The Stain in American History

About 40 years ago on August 8, 1974, five men dressed in suits were arrest for breaking into the Democratic National Committee (DNC) Offices in the Watergate Hotel. They were charged with burglary and attempting to wire the DNC offices. This event in history would later be known as "Watergate." After a string of other scandals connected to this robbery took place, President Richard Nixon chose to resign his presidency. During this time, President Nixon maintained his innocence.

After reading the two articles in the assignment, I believe American development mixed emotions about the event that took place after the Watergate incident. After reading the Washington Post Editorial,"Watergate: The Unfinished Business", it leads me to believe that President Nixon had some part in the incident that took place. This article totally supports my opinion. The article points out how President's Nixon top officials resigned to aid in the cover-up of his involvement of the Watergate crime and the official could have possibly been forces to resign. My conclusion was different after reading the Harvard Crimson article,"In the Defense of Richard Nixon." This letter was sent to the Chicago Tribune by the Special Assistant to the President after the paper called for President Nixon's resignation. This letter presents a more human side to the President. This letter supports the actions of President Nixon by giving him the benefit of the doubt. This article gives the Americans room to form their own opinion rather feeding them propaganda.

Even though the Watergate scandal took place over 40 years ago, there are still some lingering effects. The events that took place in Watergate has forever changed the way that American view politics and has changed the way journalist cover political stories. I believe that government and journalist bonds were broken after the scandal. Before the...

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