Week 1 Paper - Importance of Managerial Behavior

Week 1 Paper - Importance of Managerial Behavior

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TO: Supervisory Team InterClean, Inc.
FROM: Mid-level Sales Management, InterClean, Inc.
DATE: October 7, 2009
SUBJECT: Importance of Managerial Behavior


The purpose of this memo is to inform the InterClean staff to acknowledge and embrace the new business practices associated with the merger and acquisition of EnviroTech. This memo will first outline and explain how a manager’s behavior can impact the productivity of his or her workers. Next, the memo will address the types of management actions that are in-line with employment laws and those that are outside the standard of the law. Finally, the memo will conclude with best practices for working within a diverse work environment.

Manager’s Behavior

By now everyone is aware of the merger between InterClean and EnviroTech. With that said, several concerns need to be addressed that are associated with the merger. Those concerns include how a manager's behavior impacts the productivity of workers and the types of management actions that are aligned with employment laws. With the changes occurring at InterClean, the duties and responsibilities of the account executives and sales manager will also change. The account executives will take on a broader role when selling the company's products and providing services. In the past, salesmen were more focused on selling the product, now the company will be more attentive to understanding the client's needs and selling them a service. In order to do that successfully, account executives will be required to “understand the legal, environmental, safety, ethical and regulatory issues that affect sanitation and cleaning in varied industries and settings (Cascio, 2006).”

To assist with selection of the sales account executive and sales manager role, six core competencies that all members of the team must have are the following: presentation skills, customer focus, action-orientated, business acumen, excellent listening and...

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