Week 7

Week 7

Network Solution for Extension Site
DeVry University
NETW206: Introduction to Switching

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Date: 8/23/14

DeVry Campus Network 2.0 Configuration Template

Network Design
Nursing School Configuration Template

Network Design (continued)
1. One Router with three interfaces – (see above diagram)
2. One fixed port switch– (see above diagram)
3. Four subnets and VLANs– (see above diagram)
4. Voice, four video surveillance cameras, and data support– (see above diagram)
5. 24 current hosts with anticipated growth – Network will be built with a 48 Ethernet 10/100 port Cisco 3750 that will easily support 24 current hosts with room for future growth.
6. One local file and DHCP server– (see above diagram)
1. Type of networking equipment, switches, router and so forth
Core – Cisco 4500 Router & Local File & DHCP Server
Distribution – Cisco 3750 Switch
Access – (4) Cisco 4300 IP Cameras & User Devices including voice & data will be supported
2. Network Requirements based on current and future needs
Requirement of 24 current hosts with anticipated growth is easily supported with the Cisco 4500 router and Cisco 3750 switch. If needed, an additional Cisco 3750 switch can be added to the distribution layer in the future. The current network design also easily accommodates voice and video surveillance traffic.
3. A proposal for a cost-effective method to interconnect the nursing school to the DeVry campus network because it is remote
Because our network is in a metropolitan area without line of site, any wireless option would be ineffective. The two most logical options would be to buy and lay a fiber-optic cable line between the DeVry Campus network and the Nursing Extension network or rent a connection from the local ISP.
Option #1 – Buy
Preferred option for long term benefit
Pay for itself over time
Could lease to nursing school creating a revenue stream
Expensive upfront...

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