What about Working Feature of Rod Mill and Ball Mill?

What about Working Feature of Rod Mill and Ball Mill?

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In production practice, through to the ball mill and rod mill of various economic indicators, production capacity and so on comprehensive effect analysis, found that the comprehensive effect of rod mill is superior to the ball mill.Below will come from two aspects of concrete analysis the advantages and disadvantages of both.

1) from the crushing mechanism analysis, ceramics ball mill and rod mill, when the cylinder rotate in a cylinder body of grinding media under the influence of friction and centrifugal force, as the cylinder rotary and was promoted to a certain height, and then according to certain linear velocity falls, then within the cylinder on the coal impact, grinding and extrusion, make the coal crushing. Different is, however, ceramics ball mill need steel ball in the high drop, high speed, the impact energy is larger, crushing effect is good, but the power consumption is bigger also. And rod grinding mill mainly between rod and rod milling, compression, rotation speed is low, relative to the power consumption is low. Rod mill is working characteristics between rods and bars in the process of movement of coal sieving effect, can make a big coal particles was promoted to the highest position of each floor, focus on crushing ability strong place, so the work efficiency of rod mill used in coal crushing is higher, less power consumption, and the granularity of coal, argillation less.

2) with ceramic ball mill medium is come down the impact point contact, so the big particles easily escaped from import to export coal, large particles, whereas the fine coal particle impact of falling ball and many times will crush occurred, so 320 purpose of pulverized coal is more than the grinding rod mill. And the working characteristics of rod mill is between bar and rod in the movement process into line contact, first break larger coal particles make larger particles greatly reduced, the selective crushing can reduce coal crushing phenomenon.

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