What are Features of Two-stage Crusher?

What are Features of Two-stage Crusher?

Two-stage crusher is suitable for crushing cinder, calcite, limestone, brick and tile plants, shale, coal gangue, slag, construction waste, etc., which can solve the problems of using gangue and coal cinder as additive and fuel of brickyard; using gangue and shale to produce standard bricks and hollow bricks, and problems of crushing material with high moisture content. The two-stage crusher is equivalent of the reasonable combination of two hammer crushers.

Several features of Two-stage Crusher

1. The two-stage crusher is equipped with balancing devices which saves 20% electricity and also enhances the power of the hammer as well as the output. Our two-stage crusher also improves in the aspect of adding oil, which centralizes oiling system. And downtime can also be oiled. Another aspect is the hydraulic launch; a person can be easily opened. Maintenance and inspection spare parts are easily and quickly.

2. The design of two-stage crusher is without sieve bottom and sieve. So you don't have to get a headache in crushing the wet materials. The clogging of materials will not occur and the particle size is very fine.

3. The two-stage crusher uses high alloy wear-resistance hammer. Hammer and hammer handle are assembly used. When replacing, you just needs to replace a hammer, not the hammer handle.

4. The two-stage crusher uses a unique shaft adjustable technology. After the hammer and lining board having worn, the gap will get bigger, so does the discharging granularity. At this time, you should adjust the space between the hammer and lining board. The location of moving hammer can be adjusted. One hammerhead is the equal of three hammerheads.

5. The Two-stage crusher uses a two-stage rotor, the materials enter the upper rotor through the feeding inlet, and they will be thrown back to the lower rotor for send crushing. After two-stage crushing, the discharging granularity is uniform, which generally can be controlled below 2 mm.

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