What Are You Searching for?

What Are You Searching for?

Looking for soul-mate:

Average Joe seeks loud obnoxious, club freak 21 years old or younger with perfect body, wavy hair and ocean splitting blue eyes for long term relationship. Must be able to contort your body into unnatural positions and maintain poses for extended periods. Feathers,
horns, or lizard tongues get extra consideration.

I tend to write in my journal about the things that cross my mind and make me stop and think, or ponder for a while. For some reason, since becoming active on the Tagged sites I have begun to notice that so many of the members and friends I am meeting have sites decorated with extremely graphic and intensely erotic images.

Don’t get me wrong, I will be the first in line to stand up and defend anyone’s right to express themselves and communicate in any manner they see fit that does not bring harm to others. So, then you say, what are you rambling about now? Well I never pontificate without putting a lot of thought and consideration into an issue. What I find myself questioning is this; Many of us post very well thought out profiles that are fantastically creative, thoughtful and emotionally moving. Therefore, it would seem that we are hoping against the odds to find someone, anyone that is like-minded enough, and easy enough on the eyes, to form a lasting friendship with. That being said, I find myself confused with all of the imagery that would seem to work against, or minimize the ability to form those friendships and even potential relationships.

I would ask, do these images represent the baseline standards by which we rate ourselves, or are they what we use to rate and compare those we choose to interact with. If we are communicating to others that we are looking for a partner, soul mate, husband, or wife, how do these images that we so avidly seek out aid us in the search for this magical connection?

Let’s face it there are some fairly amazing people out there, but most of us are just your average pal...

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