What Is Human Memory?

What Is Human Memory?

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Instructor: Slaton Psych 2
Fall 2009 General Psych

Study Guide: Exam 2

Chapter 4 and Lecture

What is the definition of human memory provided in your textbook and lecture?

Describe the results of Sperling’s experiment on the storage capacity of sensory memory.

The results of the Sperling experiment suggest that the storage capacity of sensory memory is how many items?

On average (plus or minus 2) what is the storage capacity of short-term/working memory?

What is the first memory task that involves recognizing, identifying and labeling information?

What is the term for repeating and relating new information to other information that is already in long- term memory?

Which of the three types of memory is most limited in capacity?

What is chunking? Provide an example.

What has research revealed about eidetic memory/imagery?

What is the serial position effect? Include the primacy and recency effect in your answer.

What has research revealed about the relationship between mood and memory?

What is misattribution? Provide an example.

Describe the experiment by Elizabeth Loftus on suggestive questions and reconstructive memory. What were the results of the study?

According to Loftus, under what conditions are people most likely to construct a memory for an event that never occurred?

Essay Question: Discuss the three tasks of memory. What are the three stages of memory and the functions and limitations of each?

Chaper 5 and Lecture

What was Binet’s reason for develop his intelligence test?
What was the formula developed by Terman for calculating the Intelligence Quotient
(IQ) in the original Stanford-Binet test?

Why did psychologists eventually abandon Terman’s original IQ formula?

What is the shape of the normal distribution of intelligence scores?

What is the normal range of intelligence as plotted on the bell-shaped curve?

What is functional fixedness? Provide an example.

What is a mental...

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