What Is the Relevance of Organizational Behavior to Practicing Managers?

What Is the Relevance of Organizational Behavior to Practicing Managers?

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* “The process of influencing the activities of an organized group in its efforts toward goal setting and goal achievement” (Stogdill, 1950, p. 3)
* Three key components to this definition:
* - an interpersonal process between one person and a group
* - can’t have ‘leaders’ without ‘followers’
* - criterion for effective leadership = goal achievement

SWOT Analysis

1. Good Reputation – Electro Electronics is a recognized leader in its field. The company has been in business for over thirty years.
2. Highly skilled work force – Employee’s skills range from Aeronautical Engineers to Prototypes Technicians.
3. Comradeship – groups work well together, committed work force, efficiency.

1. Insecure Workforce- The employees are uncertain about the opportunities for advancement.
2. Poor Communication- The employees are concern about the ineffective communication system.
3. Congestion- Lack of comprehensive land use and spiraling population growth.

1. Company Growth- The firm growth has allowed it to enter into Electronic instrument testing and commercial building control systems.
2. Promote high moral
3. To be a leader in the flextime.

1. Tyrannical behavior of a few to undermine the effectiveness of flex time.

Customer Satisfaction
“Attaining a high level of customer satisfaction usually requires more than providing a high-quality product.” (Hendricks and Singhal, 1997) Meeting a customer’s pre-purchase expectations is an important aspect of customer satisfaction that has been described in the marketing and service operations management literature. (Anderson and Sullivan, 1993; Reeves and Bendar, 1994) The satellite navigation systems are high technological products. In addition, the latest satellite navigation system on Toyota’s vehicle costs £1250. With this high price, customers would expect a lot before and after purchasing. Now they...

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