What Is a Gap Year Worth

What Is a Gap Year Worth

What Is A Gap Year Worth

People may argue that taking a “gap year” is a waste of time and have reason to believe that it wastes a year of your life when you can use it more constructively. I strongly oppose that because it all depends on the individuals need in life and it is all about taking a well structured “gap year” in order for YOU as the individual to use the most of what you gained out of it.

When taking a gap year before heading to university, you come back a more focused person and you confidence levels are much higher because you are able to concentrate more on your studies and you are definitely more mature. Statistics show that “....gap year students are much more likely to complete their chosen course” says Richard Oliver, Chief Executive of Year Out Group.

If you go straight to university after you have matriculated, your mind is not focused on what you truly want to be and therefore you make a mistake in choosing the wrong course for yourself.

Gap years give you time to make decisions on what course you are going to take because if you do not, then in the future you will probably be unhappy with the choice of course you made and if you change your course, it will just add to your expenses making it even harder for you. You become “more independent when taking a gap year” says Giselle Van Wyk and you are able to discover yourself. This sense of satisfaction leads ultimately to your success as a person. Celine Chan says that “It is truly amazing and a sure once in a lifetime experience” and that “It was an eye opener” this in turn helps you gain the most of what you do within your gap year making you perceive the world and what is out there differently.

You are not able to gain the experience without taking a gap year, you need when applying for a job because in this day and age companies are not only looking for your qualification but more over companies are looking for experience one has, therefore taking a gap year gains you...

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