What Me Being an Rnb Singer Say About Me as an American

What Me Being an Rnb Singer Say About Me as an American

Sanchez 1

John Sanchez
Mrs. Doyle
English 12-209
September 19th, 2013.

​ “What Does Me Being An RnB Singer Say About Me As An American”

1. “What does me being an RnB Singer says about me as American” is that I’ve been
gifted with an incredible talent that has massive potential to change the world in many
different ways, once my career takes off in the Near future. This mission will consist of
sufficient hard work and dedication. Many Upcoming RnB Artist have their very own
struggles, hardships, and I Most Definitely Have a story to tell.
2. As a child growing up, I was raised in the church as a Christian and use to sing for
the church choir. During my Preteen age years in junior high school, I developed a talent a
“Tenor Saxophonist” and played in the school band, where I learned how to be a musician.
Growing up in high school, I became more advanced within my musicianship. I learned
Dynamics , Major Scales, and How to read sheet music. As a high school junior, I met “Ms.
King” who was the high school choir director. She noticed my talent as a musician, and
placed me as “Tenor Lead Vocal” Playing for the high school choir, in numerous school
events. At the end of my Junior year, one day Ms. King Asked me “I know you can play, well
let me hear you sing”. I was extremely shocked and bashful all at once that moment, so I
gave it a try. From that point on I became lead singer of the chorus. Incorporating my skills
as a “Triple Threat”.
3. ​My high school senior year made my popularity increase which soon made me
Popular. Local random people tried selling me dreams in reference to a “Promising Career”.
After I graduated, I took some time off to work for a few years to save money and learn how to
Become independent as a young man. A few years after I graduated high school, I received my
very first recording deal with a production company...

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