What the Army Means to Me

What the Army Means to Me

SUBJECT: What the Army Means to Me and the Benefits It Holds

1. Being in the United States Army has made me realize what’s really important to me and how big of an impact it has on me and my family. I’ve served over two years on active duty, and the outcome has been outstanding. I never imagined being in the Army would turn out so successful. It has showed me how to interact with many different cultures and religions, and I realize exactly how vital the Army is to me. I take pride in what I do and give respect to those who do what I do because what we do in uniform, not many can do. I wouldn’t trade my occupation or lifestyle for anything in this world.

2. My actions put my career in jeopardy, and I understand they are inexcusable. The mistakes that I made were selfish and out of character. My profession means everything to me. I know how important and valuable it is, not just to the army, but for my unit. Chancing my career is one of the biggest mistakes I’ve made in my life by far. The Army is built for me. Ever since I was a child, I‘ve always wanted to be a Soldier in the Army. The military has taught me how to become a man and a better person. It has developed my perspectives much than what I originally expected. I didn’t join the Army just for an occupation. I’ve always felt that I owed my country for the blessings that were given to my ancestors. I’ve already decided to make the Army a long-term career, and the people you get to interact with is a genuine benefit to my well-being. The experience of being a Soldier, especially in the SOF community, is a once in a lifetime opportunity that most Soldiers will never have.

3. I hope my feelings toward the Army reaches out to everyone, and get a feel to what the Army makes a person out to be. Ever since I joined the Army, I have bettered myself in so many ways, challenged myself, and succeeded in things I never thought I could accomplish. It has built my character and has given me more confidence...

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