What I Need to Do Today

What I Need to Do Today

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What I need to do today:Art -Mechanisms project - Primary pictures Secondary pictures ‘Michael Craig Martin’
Pictures of what I used in MCM response
Print off ‘About her:’
JCJ pictures Draw some JCJ pictures Respond
Pop art artist research
Planning page
Drama - Learn lines.
Food - Section one and two.
English revision -

English Revision.

Media and Non-Fiction Questions.

Reading the question.
4 Things to get you marks:
1. Showing that you’ve understood and thought about what’s in the text.
2. Making clear, logical points that are backed up from references to the text.
3. Telling the difference between facts and opinion (and spotting bias).
4. Using technical words confidently and successfully in your writing.

Read the question before the text.
Pick out keywords.

Think about the language and tone.
A passionate, personal tone is often used by politicians in political speeches. - it helps give the impression they believe sincerely in the argument they are making.
Articles in professional journals often use an impersonal, academic tone. - they want their argument to appear to be well-grounded in fact and research.

Always make notes in your own words.

Be precise, say what you think and why you think it. BASED on what the text has said.

ALWAYS use impersonal language. ‘IT SEEMS’ not ‘I THINK’.
First line should show the examiner that you know exactly what the question’s asking.

‘ ‘Careless Talk Costs Lives’ communicates with its readers using images which explain and emphasise the points made in the text.’
‘ The text says Richey Edwards remained isolated, despite his belief that pop music could reach beyond everyday life. It also suggests that he offered himself to this isolation, and brought it on himself.

Be selective in your use of detail.
‘It says New Labour has dealt inefficiently with problems in the NHS, despite having made election promises to...

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