When Immaturity Turns to Maturity

When Immaturity Turns to Maturity

Tom sawyer paper

Tom Sawyer is a very immature rude young man, but through out the book that immaturity turns into maturity. Tom starts to take responsibility for the things he does. Tom sawyer grows from being a child to almost a man in the length of these pages. He proves to us all, that he can be a man and take charge and not be a disobedient selfish boy.

Tom Sawyer never takes responsibility for anything. He runs from school work and chores, he would rather be swimming with Huck Finn than work. When the girl he loves, Becky Thatcher, accidently ripped a page of Mr. Robbins medical book out, Tom steps up and takes the blame, ending their previous feud. Although Tom’s love life is childish and immature he took responsibility for what someone else did because he cared for her; this shows that Tom is starting to be a little more responsible.

Tom also shows maturity after he and Becky go into the cave. Taking the lead he guides them through the caves and finds ways to help them not get lost. For example Tom and Becky use smoke marks on the walls of the caves to guide them back. Tom also helps Becky though the cave when the bats attack and chase them, knocking there torches out of their hands. Tom and Becky do end up getting lost, but Tom steps up and takes it upon himself to get them out.

At the beginning of this book Tom may have shied a way from responsibility or work. These events prove that Tom is starting to become a man. Whether talking the blame for a ripped book or finding a way out of the dark caves, tom ends up maturing. There were a lot of things that went on that would categorize this book as the adventures of a boy. My thoughts are that if this book continued, the book would have to be categorized ad the adventures of a young man. Tomas Sawyer learned to take responsibility and follow the rules, although Tom is still a boy on the inside in my book he is a great young man.

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