Who Built the Great Pyramid?

Who Built the Great Pyramid?

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2.3 million blocks of stone, 756 feet long on each side, 450 feet high, and spans across 13 acres of land. This 4500-year-old great structure was the tallest building until the 19th century and the only one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World still in existence and standing today. It is the Great Pyramid located at Giza, Egypt.

One of the greatest questions surrounding the Great Pyramid today is who built it and how they built it? The Great Pyramid is the largest and the tallest of all the pyramids ever built. Egyptians left detailed accounts of every king they had, structure they built and wars they fought, yet there is no account of the Great Pyramid ever being built. However there is writing of the sky opening and aliens coming down to teach them technology and wisdom. Is it possible the Egyptians had some influence with building the pyramids or possibly they didn’t even build them at all?

Ancient Egyptians did not posses the necessary equipment to build this massive structure. The Egyptians had no essential machinery or construction tools to construct this colossal structure made of limestone and granite. The Cairo museum has several examples of simple cutting saws, including bronze and copper. Egyptologist believe these were used in the shaping and forming of the blocks. Looking at the hardness of minerals on the Mohs scale, bronze and copper have a hardness of 4. Limestone has a hardness of 5 while granite is 6. The known tools experts believe that were used would as good as a dull knife on limestone and essentially worthless when it comes to the granite. Even the best steel tools today only have a hardness of 5.5. If the best tools today cannot even be used to cut through granite how could they have accomplished such a task with the tools used thousands of years ago?

How were 2.3 million blocks transported to the building site and taken almost 500 foot high? Experts believe there was a huge ramp constructed for this purpose....

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