Who Is 'Jack the Ripper'?

Who Is 'Jack the Ripper'?

How were three men within the time of 1888 and onwards accused of being the notorious killer known as 'Jack The Ripper' and whether the theories of their apparent guilt were produced from overwhelming evidence collected over time or due to other purposes, such as discrimination and panic?

Who was Jack the Ripper? This unanswered question has been challenged, debated and remained unanswered since the first murder in 1888, Whitechapel, London. My project will be to link, analyse and evaluate how three men (Aaron Kosminski/ Montague John Druitt/ William Bury) were suspected of being one of the most notorious serial killers of our past. The three men I shall be evaluating were all suspected throughout the past and are still considered as possible candidates of being ‘The Ripper’ today, however, were these theories valid due to truth and evidence or were they acts of discrimination and panic? I will be using multiple resources from both the times when the murders were committed as well as in our present, that argue and provide evidence on the separate cases of the three men and have pushed the idea of one of them being either innocent or the most successful serial killer that ever lived.

Before I begin to discuss and evaluate the considered suspects and their possible motives for murder, I shall talk briefly of the victims and how the police force of Whitechapel managed to link these murders with such little technology. Many believe that there were more than the five victims which the police force of Whitechapel connected successfully with one another, however, I have decided to maintain in linking the original five in order to help build a profile which can be used when evaluating the three suspects and their possible motives for murder.

The five victims who came to sudden yet gruesome deaths at the hands of ‘The Ripper’ were linked by the type of weapon used to mutilate his victims as well as the fact that all the victims were within the same profession,...

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