Jack the Ripper - Essay 2

Jack the Ripper - Essay 2

Eduardo Chaves 4/14/11

Jack The Ripper


Some may believe that the story of Jack the Ripper is just some made up story but there was a killer in east London in 1888 that was named this. A fact of Jack The Ripper is that he was the first known sex killer in the modern sense of the word. His first victim was found lying on her back with her skirt over her waist, when a cop got closer to investigate he noticed that her throat was sliced so deep that you could see her vertebrate. The second known victim was found near a local mortuary and was found with a jagged incision that lead from the bottom of her ribs to the top of her pelvis, she was also strangled to unconsciousness and then he slashed her throat with two powerful slashes, she was later identified as Mary Ann Nicholls and she was a prostitute.

Some similarities of Jack The Ripper victims are that a lot of them were known as prostitutes. He sent a letter to a police station stating “I am down on whores and I shant quit ripping them till I do get buckled”. That quote from Jack the Ripper himself states that he will not stop killing prostitutes until he gets caught for what he has done. Another similarity between all of his victims is that all of their throats had cuts that needed excessive force and a very thorough cutting apparatus which led the cuts being deep enough that the vertebrate was visible. Also a similarity between the victims is that they were all raped before he had killed them.

As Jack the Ripper became more comfortable with his murders they became more and more gruesome for example Mary Jeanette Kelly was found with mutilations which must have taken at least an hour to do. She was found in a hotel room with one of her hands inside her stomach, her head and left arm had been virtually removed to the point where they hanged on merely a piece of skin, her breasts and nose had been removed and the skin on her legs had been stripped off, and...

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